Winter Activities in Japan


Most people who are living in a tropical country like the Philippines are extremely excited to experience snow once in their life. But, will it be more thrilling to try winter activities aside from actually seeing it?

For those of you who want to maximize their stay in Japan. You may want to consider snowboarding or skiing during your winter trip.

White Pia Takasu Snow Park

In addition to the famous snow parks in Hokkaido and Nagano, tourists can also consider visiting the 13123 feet (4 kilometers) slope called White Pia Takasu located in Gujo, Gifu. Skiing and snowboarding are the common attractions that visitors come here for. There are also accommodations and food courts in the vicinity to cater to guests who wish to stay for a longer period.

Free Entrance

You don’t have to pay for the entrance fee, however, you must acquire a ticket for using the lift. The lift will serve as your vehicle to reach the top of the slope to fully enjoy your snowboarding or skiing experience.

Lift Ticket Information:

(prices may subject to change)

  • 1-day ticket

Adults: 5,400 Yen

Children (4-12): 3,000 Yen

Seniors: 4,500 Yen

  • 2-day ticket (not required to be used on consecutive days)

Adults: 9,700 Yen

Children (4-12): 5,400 Yen

Seniors: 8,100 Yen

  • 3-day ticket (not required to be used on consecutive days)

Adults: 14,400 Yen

Children (4-12): 7,800 Yen

Senior: 12,300 Yen

For beginners, you can stay on the foot of the slope to practice how to maneuver the boards. You can also hire a coach subject to additional charges.

How to go to White Pia Takasu

If you’ll enter from Chubu Centrair International Airport, you can reach White Pia Snow Park with approximately 2 hours of travel time.

Option A: By Car

There are plenty of rental car services that you can avail once you arrived in Japan, but it’s always best to book in advance and ensure to bring your international drivers permit with you to avoid any circumstances.

Option B: By Bus

From Chubu airport, you can travel by train going to Nagoya Station where most of the tour buses meeting points are located. You can plan and book your round-trip ticket (Nagoya to White Pia Takasu and vice versa) online in advance, you can even include the lift tickets to your purchase.

Equipment, Clothing, and Rental Fees

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Although you can get rental gears directly from the venue, you also have options to rent from independent rental stores on the way to the park if you aim for a cheaper price. From ski to snowboard gears, from ski wear to snowboard wears, you may rent them separately or in sets for a better value.

Rental Procedures for Ski and Snowboard Gears

The processes are almost the same, you’ll just need to get ski and pole if you’ll go skiing and snowboard if you’ll go snowboarding.

  1. You need to fill-up the form with your height and shoe size, submit it to the counter and the staff will find the right pieces of equipment for you.
  2. You may be asked to present a valid ID when applying for the rental. Keep your passport, student ID or driver’s license at hand.
  3. You need to confirm the size of your boots, fit it and have it replaced if you’ll not feel comfortable enough.
    • For snowboard, the bindings come as a set with the board. You can rent the board and the boots separately, but it’s always cheaper to get them as a set. The staff will be the ones to pick the board size for you.
    • For ski, the staff will choose the right ski and pole length for you.
  4. There are various designs for the clothing and some rental stores are allowing customers to go mixing and matching jackets and pants based on their preferences and sizes.

I will not deny that it’ll be hard for a first-timer to go skiing or snowboarding. Despite my whole body aching the next day, I must say that it is worth the experience and I will definitely return.

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  1. Richel Atencio says:

    Myghad, sana makapunta din akong Japan, ofcouse gusto ko rin makakita ng snow! 😍😊❤


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