What Quarantine Made Me Do

School closures, empty streets. Both results of the coronavirus pandemic. The youth tends to spend their days trying to think of activities to ease their boredom.

Meanwhile, my experience was kind of different from my daily routine before quarantine happened. As the ECQ has been imposed, I somewhat tried things that I haven’t done before. I’ve learned to do stuffs which I could include in my regular activities.

Beneficial Learnings Amidst Pandemic

One of the things that I have tried is cooking meals for my family. This is a great progress for me which boosted my confidence. Besides, I enjoyed cooking more than I thought. I liked how I was able to make food and see the result. I would suggest trying to get into the kitchen and see what you could do because you never know what will happen unless you try.

Recreational Activities During Quarantine

Many influencers, and even experts are encouraging people to return to the hobbies they may have left behind. Mine is sketching different images which I have not given much time due to my daily school tasks. However, I still manage to apply this skills in some of my schoolworks.

I could say drawing makes me feel relaxed and even fixes my mood. Reading a book might as well made me feel the same way.

We all know that it’s hard to cope with how hectic everything was happening recently. I guess taking a break and being able to find some time for yourself would be a great way to manage and discover more of yourself.

Benefits of Staying At Home During ECQ/GCQ

Stay-at-home generally shows staying with your relatives or whoever you’re with at home. And literally means you are with them for the whole day.

This is a great opportunity for most of the parents who are working fulltime to fulfill their children’s happiness whenever they are home. But still, it is unfortunate that a lot of parents are working abroad and have less chance of visiting their families here in the Philippines.

To summarize my experience, I could say that this crisis made me realize a lot of things. I’ve learned to appreciate little things in life and look at the bright side of it. As well as learning about self-discipline and its importance. Overall, accepting the fact of our situation today, could be be more interesting day-by-day as long as you find happiness in it.

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