Thousand Sunny Cruise in Gamagori, Japan

I’m sure everyone is familiar with One Piece manga and anime regardless of their age. A story of real friendship and genuine camaraderie which has made Going Merry, Thousand Sunny and The Straw Hat Pirate Crew became famous of.

Straw Hat Pirate’s Ship

Don’t you know that Thousand Sunny actually exist in real life? Yes! We found it in Gamagori Japan as one of the attractions of Laguna Ten Bosch. One hour and 18 minutes travel by car from Chubu International Airport.

Prices and Schedules

One must spend 1,200 Japanese Yen for adults and 500 Japanese Yen for children over 3 years old to buy a ticket for the cruise and to set sail with the Mugiwara Pirates. Sailing will take about 30 to 40 minutes long and can accommodate 250 persons per sail. Here is the yearly anchorage schedule of Thousand Sunny in Gamagori:

Rules and Regulations

But of course, there are guidelines to consider before the journey begins and these includes:

  • The changes in schedule and route depending on the weather condition.
  • Despite the cancellation of the cruise due to bad weather, customers can still hop on the ship and explore it.
  • Japanese are always on time, so be at the entrance 15 minutes before the boarding time.

Things to do while cruising

Be ready to meet the Straw Hat Crew inside the ship. They are life-size statues even taller than us. Yosh! Thinking you are one of them for a while, it feels like being inside an anime world. While sailing, you can opt to enjoy the view on the second deck of the ship, explore each and every corner of it, hum the One Piece theme song while it’s playing in the background or take pictures with each of the crew.

The Blueprint

As an avid fan of One Piece series, we all know that Thousand Sunny was designed and built by Franky with the help of the best-known shipwrights in their world.

It is incredible to see the blueprint displayed inside the ship. The design, measurements, and layout were all provided hence, I am impressed that Japanese people were able to share this. I am not so sure though if it’s legal to have a copy of this and replicate the model because it is purely written in Nihonggo.

Meeting the Crew

Nami, Robin, Sanji, Zoro, Usopp, Chopper, Luffy, Franky, and Brook are sure good-looking and friendly in person. And also, I was able to see White Beard’s and Ace’s grave inside the mall near the port. May we always remember their visions and wisdom.

Here’s our shots of our Thousand Sunny Cruise experience:

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Take Home

Aside from the memories, pictures, and experiences, you will be able to get a card as a souvenir upon embarkation from the ship. I’ll be happier if I got Chopper card though.

So, if you’ll ever be in Japan and you are a One Piece fanatic, I recommend you to put this on your itinerary.

Yet, I saw a post in Laguna Ten Bosch‘s website that Thousand Sunny had its final cruise last September 2018 but I am uncertain. I will be updating this article once I have confirmed the details.

Yosh! Arigatou minna san.

18 thoughts on “Thousand Sunny Cruise in Gamagori, Japan

  1. Luffy says:

    Hi, is it confirmed that the final cruise was on September 2018? Where is the Thousand Sunny now? Is it still there though not cruising anymore or they totally removed it already?
    Thank you for your response!

      1. Cresa says:

        Hello , where is the thousand sunny located now ? ☺️ I want to go .

        1. C says:


          No news as of writing. I am also hoping and waiting for it to sail again.

        2. Joye says:

          Is thousand Sunny still not yet available next year 2020?

          1. C says:


            I am not seeing any updates. Let’s continue to hope for it to sail again.

    1. Lawrence John says:

      Where is thousand sunny located now? October 5, 2020

  2. Renaud says:

    What a chance 😍🥰
    I want to visite too. My biggest dream is to go japan and see all those creators of one piece 😍😍🇯🇵

  3. Fiona Murray says:

    Hi i am planning a trip to japan in 2021 and i want to visit thousand sunny even thought it has it final cruses in 2018 can i still got on it and explore or do i just take pictures of it at the docks im a huge one piece fan

    1. C says:


      I suspect that the ship is not even available for viewing nor can’t be seen on Japan’s ports. I am as well hoping to have positive updates for the coming years.

  4. Joy says:

    opps. wrong link.
    i mean this.

    1. C says:

      Thanks for the link. It is amazing to know that they’re back. =)

  5. wink says:

    location of thousand sunny plz T_T ….. im visiting japan feb 2020….. i want to visit
    thousand sunny.

    1. C says:


      As mentioned in the article, it is currently located in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.

  6. Loise says:

    I’m not a fan of One Piece, but my boyfriend is! Seeing your photos makes it undeniably fun to visit this place.


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