The Philippines’ New Normal for Tourism


“New Normal” is the new way of living, going outside, working and interacting with other people based on guidelines defined by an institution.

Travelling to the Philippines Despite Pandemic

The Department of Tourism(DOT) releases “The New Normal Health and Safety Guidelines” schemes for tourist land transport services and DOT-accredited restaurants to ensure the welfare of tourists who will be visiting the Philippines.

Both of these sectors are expected to apply Safety and Health protocols to their owners, employees, vehicles, passengers, services and facilities upon operation resumption.

In turn, as visitors, we shall exercise precautions as well. For our safety, it will be mandatory for us to do the following:

  • Wear mask when boarding transport vehicles and entering restaurant.
  • Have our body temperature be checked.
  • Comply with the physical distancing and passenger limit.
  • Provision of personal information such as but not limited to name, address and contact details for contact tracing.
  • Use sanitizing mats before entering premises.
  • Fill-up health declaration form when entering a restaurant.

These standards are expected be in effect even after the pandemic.

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