Places To Visit After Quarantine

The first place I look forward to visiting after quarantine is my grandparents. This pandemic has separated many grandparents from their grandchildren. Unfortunately, we couldn’t just go out and visit our grandparents like we usually do every weekend.

An endless lockdown and social distancing measures is not how our grandparents wants to spend their golden years. Sadly, older people are said to be more at risk to this virus.

Nevertheless, there are ways to stay engaged with them during these tough times. Talking frequently by phone calls, video calls, through different applications, asking how was their current situation there.

I also can’t wait to visit the beautiful province of Bicol again. The tradition of traveling to our province to spend the remaining days of summer before going back to reality is very much cherished. The idea of having a short-term vacation on a beach is so relaxing that you could forget your worries for a while.

In our province in Bicol, there’s a lovely beach that is just a mile away from where my grandparents live. The name of the place is Bulalacao Beach. It is such a great opportunity that since I was young, my father takes the time to bring us to this place. What I look forward to visiting here is that it is not crowded with a lot of people compared to other beaches especially if it’s just a normal day. Besides, how could I forget the peaceful ambiance of the surroundings? Whenever I go there, I feel so happy that it seems like it’s always my first time visiting the place.

However, I feel excited about visiting other places that I haven’t been to before to fulfill my summer cravings. If there is somewhere that I will go next, I would probably desire to visit other beaches located in Bicol. It is because I have seen a lot of eye-catching photos posted on social media that make me want to go there as well.

One of these places that I’ve seen is the pink sand beach located in Matnog, Sorsogon. However, as far as I know, there are other places in the Philippines which also have rare pink sands. But, I think it is a great alternative if you don’t want to travel that far. I am looking forward to visiting this place someday of course, with my family.

Moreover, there is an island paradise located 30-40 minutes away from the town of Jose Panganiban in Camarines Norte, where exactly my grandparents’ live. It is called the Parola Island. Great feature of this island is it also shows pink pigmentation of the sands as my father mentioned to me. This is produced because the red coral dries up and gets washed in the shore resulting to a color pink sand. I also can’t wait to have time to go to this place and take beautiful photos one day.

The coronavirus pandemic probably canceled a lot of plans/itineraries to be done. Thus, people start to make lists of places to travel once the travel restrictions were finally lifted up. We cannot anticipate when can this happens but we are free to look forward to the day when the sun will rise and everything would get back to normal.

1 thought on “Places To Visit After Quarantine

  1. Karla Niña Mallannao says:

    Been to Parola Island na! At ang ganda nga dun. Super clean ng tubig at ng paligid. Unti lang siguro nakakaalam dito kasi karamihan pag sinabing Camarines, puro Calaguas Island. Gusto ko tuloy ulit bumalik.


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