Japan visa is one of the requirements if you want to set foot on the country. But fret not, getting one is not that complicated.

The first time I have applied for a Japanese visa, my passport doesn’t have any stamp yet, it is my first time to travel, and I am a girl. I have all the reasons which other says will be the possible causes of getting a denied visa.

I’ve done much research about the requirements and after completing them, I submitted it to my preferred travel agency. After 3 days, I already have my passport with 3-month valid visa, 15 days maximum stay.

So, to ease all your worries. I will be listing down all the requirements for Japan visa application that I am using since then up to now.

Requirements for Single Entry Japan Visa

The single entry tourist visa is the common type of visa given to a first-timer. As I have mentioned earlier, it has 3-month validity with 15 days maximum stay.

Basic requirements

1. Passport

Must be more than 6 months valid and signed and must have at least two blank visa pages.

2. Accomplished Visa application form

You may download the application form here.

Fill all the applicable information otherwise, put N/A. Do not leave anything blank. All data should be correct so make sure to double check. Don’t forget to sign the form and put the date. Submit it clean and with no erasures.

3. Photo

1 Copy of 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm with white background. You can tell the photographer that you need a Japan visa size photo. Write your name and birthday at the back of your photo. Photo must be pasted to the form upon submission.

4. Birth Certificate

Must be PSA issued within one year. If in case the birth certificate from PSA is unreadable or has incomplete information, you may submit it along with a birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar.

For those applicants who have their Japanese visa issued before, no need to submit birth certificate. Just present your old or valid passport with used Japanese visa.

5. Marriage Contract(if married)

PSA issued marriage contract and valid within one year.

For those applicants who have their Japanese visa issued before, no need to submit marriage contract. Just present your old or valid passport with used Japanese visa

6. Tour Itinerary

You may download the itinerary form here.

You must list down all the places that you’ll be going to visit for your entire trip. You need to consider the amount presented on your bank certificate on creating an itinerary. Prove that you can support yourself from all the expenses of the whole trip. But of course, this may or may not be followed once you’re already in Japan.

If you are a first-timer, it is better to include just one region in the itinerary. For example, if your destination is Nagoya, your itinerary will just cover all the attractions in Nagoya or any nearby cities. It will also be helpful if you can have just one or two accommodations indicated in your form.

You may use this as a guide.


Provide the most recent which was issued within 3 months. There is no standard amount that should be on your bank account, just ensure that the amount you’ll be presenting can cover all the expenses that you have indicated on your itinerary.

Personally, I am allocating 10k budget per day. So the computation will be 10k x no. of days. You can also set your own preferred amount and look for tourist spots with free entrance so you can save more.

Address the bank balance certificate request to Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, 2627 Roxas Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila.

8.INCOME TAX RETURN(Form 2316 or 1701)

Just provide one photocopy of the document. It must be the latest release, if you’re applying this year(2019) you must present an Income Tax Return(ITR) for year 2018. Ensure that the document is properly signed and proper dates are indicated.

Other Optional Requirements

9. Certificate of Employment (COE)

Must be valid within 3 months. Stating current position, annual income, length of service.

10. Approved Leaves

A printed copy of email conversion between you and your manager or superior. It must clearly stated that he/she is allowing you to take a vacation leave for a particular length of time.

11. Airline Ticket / e-Ticket

It is not necessary that you already booked your flight prior to visa application but just to increase the chances of getting an approved visa, you may do so. This is to prove that you’ll surely be returning to the country after your travel period.

12. Hotel Reservation / Confirmation

You may book a hotel with option to “pay later” so you can still cancel it afterwards, if in any case your visa application has been denied.

Requirements for Multiple Entry Japan Visa

Complete the requirements under Single Entry Japan Visa application and fill up this form.

In the form, put a check on all category that applies to you and provide a brief explanation of your interest in applying for multiple entry visa. Try to be concise to fit all the details on “the reason:” box. Others are attaching a separate sheet in the form for the explanation, you can do that too but as for me, I want to keep it short and straight to the point.

There are no guidelines as to what information or reason to write on the box. Just be genuine in justifying your purpose for wanting to go back to Japan. Avoid adding too many flavours and you’ll be good.


All documents must be printed in A4 size. For the bank certificates, you may ask the bank staff to have it printed in A4 size but if they have a standard size, you may still submit it with no problem. Same with the Income Tax Return(ITR) which is usually printed in legal size.

Here is the list of accredited travel agencies where you can submit your application.

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