Welcome to my Blog

Thank you so much for taking the time to land on my page. I actually find it hard to find the right words to keep anyone interested. But here I am, writing at my best effort to share my travel journey and how all of this helps me as a person. So, let us together find our purpose in this world.

I am an introvert, I don’t socialize much with anyone, keeping me away from the world or some opportunities maybe. You can find me either, reading a book, learning a new language, or doing certain things alone, well most of the time. It is really hard for me to get interested in something. It’s hard, trust me.

Traveling is one of the few things I caught myself affectionate of excluding the time when you need to bid goodbye to someone dear to you ’cause it’s time to go back home. Away from the drama, just enjoy browsing and I hope you’ll find something interesting here. Xoxo.