Best Pets To Have at Home

By definition, a pet is any kind of animal that gives human entertainment and company. But people who own one treats them as a part of their family. This quarantine, I gained more time to stay at home and bond with my pets. Taking care of them is my stress reliever. Also, watching them grow makes me feel like their mother.

Is it a bird? Or maybe it’s a plane? No. It is a dog! It is superman!
Rare footage of dog eating with a spoon!

Meet my pet dog named superman! I don’t know what kind of breed he is but his mother is a pure shitzu. He has defined eyebrows that are very evident in his face. He howls when he needs to go outside and cries when he wants to stay with us inside in the living room. Superman can hold his own leash and can even eat with a spoon. He’s a super active dog! Small but terrible, very terrible. Although, not like other dogs, he doesn’t want kisses or dog treats bought from a store. He has one great fear and that is my dad.

On the other hand, I also have another pet and that is Chikki and Chikichiki, they are the chicks of our pet rooster and hen. We have a total of 10 chickens! But out of all of them, I and my sister raised Chikki and Chiki Chiki. I remembered, at the very start of the quarantine, we excitedly received Chikki and Chiki Chiki. They were so little at that time yet, they are not afraid to sleep in our hands. Also, they are very photogenic and have a lot of selfies on my phone! It was so cool to take care of them. They always follow me around. Also, they cry whenever they don’t see me from afar.

On the first day of quarantine vs After months of quarantine

Although the chicks weren’t able to grow with their mother hen, we were able to raise them healthy. They are also not afraid to be petted by people. As you can see from the picture above, they changed a lot. Quarantine made us grew little chicks to a chicken that is near to being a hen!

Now that we all have more time at home, let us not forget our pets that are always there waiting for our attention. They love us more than themselves. They deserve to be taken care of.

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