Benefits of Traveling as A Joiner Instead of Traveling Solo

In travel, we can describe a joiner as a person who lets himself become a part of a group tour. The tour may consist of persons that the joiner didn’t know personally or total strangers for him. This type is for those who are afraid to be alone or just have no one to travel with.

On the other hand, a solo traveler usually manages his whole trip by himself without any companion. This type has more adventure and carefree desires. Though it is believed to be risky, this becomes a fulfilling journey for women in particular.

We can never conclude if one is better than the other thus, I will be sharing a list of the advantages of being a joiner when traveling.

Benefits of Traveling as a Joiner in Tours

Preplanned Itinerary, A Joiner Doesn’t Need to Create One

A number of Travel and Tour businesses in the Philippines are starting to emerge and they usually engage with their clients via social networking sites such as Facebook. You just have to be mindful of which has a good reputation. You may check their ratings and customer reviews to make sure.

A list of prepared itineraries is normally presented to those who want to join in a group tour. You will have a couple of options to choose from which will vary from your preferred schedules and places to visit. Once you have confirmed your slot, you will be asked to pay for a down payment then you’re all set, while you can pay for the remaining balance on the actual tour date.

Camaraderie, A Joiner Can Possibly Gain New Friends

The trip can be a day tour, a 2-day tour, or a 3-day tour depending on the provided schedule. And since you’ll be spending most of your time with the people in the group during the event, there is a chance to get to know them that may result in friendship. You can converse with them at your own convenience.

Shared Expenses, A Joiner Can Have Budget-Friendly Travel

In a group tour, the total expenses were already computed hence, the overall cost will be divided and distributed to all of the attendees. This means, the higher the number of confirmed slots, the cheaper you will pay. But of course, this will depend on the maximum seat capacity of your transportation vehicle or the headcounts set by your organizer.

Alone Time, A Joiner Can Explore Places While Not Mingling With Everybody

We all have those moments when we want quiet time alone due to whatever cause. As a joiner, you can travel at ease without forcing yourself to participate in conversations or group explorations. It is not required for you to get along with everybody. And there will always be a non-crowded spot on the venue for sure.

Instant Photographer, A Joiner Can Easily Ask Someone From the Group To Take Him Pictures

Filipinos are known to be friendly and kind. And because of the possible friendship that may come up, you can surely ask a favor from someone from the group to photograph you. There is nothing wrong with making a request, they may even offer it even before you ask. Just make sure that the person you’ve asked to has good skills in photography.

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