Benefits of Remote Learning

These days, online learning has been implemented as an alternative to continuous learning. Schools and universities were hands-on in supporting any form of virtual learning. It seems like having digital platforms to enable learning is a part of the new normal.

5 Benefits of Online Class

• Easy Access

Students can learn from their homes. They don’t need to use any mode of transportation which includes commuting costs to attend to their classes. Also, school uniforms are not necessary to wear. The submission of schoolwork are very convenient. Students can directly submit their works to their teachers with the use of different communication platforms on the internet.

• Comfort/ Flexibility

The idea of waking up from the sound of your alarm clock early in the morning will no longer occur. Students will have a flexible learning schedule that will give them extra time to be productive at home. Basically, they can do their homework with no rush. From a teacher’s perspective, online learning also provides time usage capacity.

• Less pressure

In a usual classroom environment, students may experience fear of public speaking. On the other hand, in an online environment, students can easily share their thoughts with other people. Also, it could be less intimidating for the students in participating and can concentrate more. This is because virtual conversations/meetings were done instead of person-to-person talks. This results in better class performance among the students.

• Review lessons right away

Students can read their teacher’s lectures instantly by having access to files or documents given for them to review. One of the struggles that students were experiencing is consuming their whole time thinking of different ideas. Digital learning is a convenient way for students to add good answers to their works by simply doing research. This system made the students save their valuable time instead of spending their time thinking of deeper ideas and just search it right away.

• Improve ICT skills

ICT, or information and communication technology plays a vital role in online learning. This can help to better use of time and resources. Thus, because of online learning, students will improve a lot more in discovering different forms of technology and how it works. However, other students develop their skills and knowledge in advance.

Given that the new normal learning is much focused on technology tools, it gives decent access to devices, yet not all students can afford one. Therefore, reconsidering and evaluating this idea would be a great help for those people who can’t keep up with the situation.

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